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What are Stat-icsTM ?
Stats and Graphics combined in colorful, vibrant poster sized displays.   The Legacy series posters feature past records and images while the Interactive series is meant to be filled in by the fan as the season progresses. 
Legacy Series:
Legacy posters celebrate the rich history of a fan's favorite team.  It is something an average fan can put up in the den or garage to show their team spirit.  Logos for teams are period accurate to those used in the 1940's, etc.  The posters make following trends and streaks very simple.  You can see by the colorful graphics how a season progressed and when teams tended to be hot or cold, etc.  In the picture of the first edition, space was left intentionally to allow for autographs.
Interactive Series:
Interactive posters are thought of as present/future products because while they are filled out like a huge wall calendar for an entire season's future, you fill them in at the present moment as the season occurs.  This series comes with stickers to apply to the poster that can either be created by hand or printed out using a template.  This is truly a unique item as no two posters will be the same which makes for an excellent personalized keepsake.  This concept has great educational opportunities to involve students in assisting with stats and figures.  Learning is done through repetition and doing batting averages, ERA's, quarterback efficiencies, turnover ratios and more for an entire season will improve the understanding of division, percentages, etc.
These posters are applicable to all major and minor league sports including:
*NFL;  MLB;  NBA;  NHL;  WNBA;  MLS;  NASCAR;  PGA;  WPGA;  PBA;  NCAA and all of the vast number of colleges and sporting programs
*Fantasy leagues of all sports
*European leagues such as cricket, rugby and soccer  
*Minor league teams of MLB, NBA and NHL, etc.
*International leagues such as World Cup Soccerand the Olympics

These products could be displayed in dens, break-rooms, cubicles, offices, garages, sports bars, bedrooms and "caves" everywhere! The patented designs are unlike anything in the marketplace today. 

There is no down time in the sporting world.  Our posters will be produced throughout the year. 


Witness List:

These are a few of the people that have viewed the poster prototypes and have given them enthusiastic reviews:

Mark Malick - Western PA Athletic Association

Scott Merk - Merk's Ticket Agency - sporting events, etc

Marla Ridenour - Akron Beacon Journal, Brown's beat reporter

Mike Tikilis - Medina Pro Arts (Creator of the iconic Farrah Fawcett poster)

Stephen Cook - Law professor, University of Akron

Marc Terman - Fathead, Key Account Manager

John Myers - ArchAngels, Akron Angel Investors

Ray Leach - Jumpstart


I have found that my posters are an excellent way of collecting autographs all in one place. I have the Browns alumni on my Legacy poster with their signatures near the years they played. On my Interactive poster, I have local sports celebrities. Here's a few of the signees:

Mark "Munch" Bishop - ESPN WKNR on-air sports personality

John Batcho "Mr. Sports" - Y-103 on-air personality and sports commentator

Kenny Roda "The Roadman" - ESPN WKNR on-air sports personality

Bernie Kosar - Quarterback 1985-1993

Eric Metcalf - Wide Receiver, Running Back 1989-1994

Mike Pruitt - Running Back 1976-1984

Hanford Dixon - Cornerback 1981-1989

Greg Pruitt - Running Back 1973-1981

Don Cockroft - Kicker 1968-1980

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First draft from 1984
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Legacy Stat-ics First Edition Poster
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Interactive Stat-ics prototype poster
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